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Press and Print

  • Newsweek

    "One of the Fall's most beautiful cookbooks..."

  • Vanity Fair

    Alice Waters has authored many cookbooks, including the foreward for Harvest to Heat

  • Country Living

    The Season's Best New Cookbooks

  • The Portland Press Herald

    A new cookbook that focuses on chefs and their farmer and artisan suppliers.


  • Epicurious

    Recognizing the incredible importance of farmers, and acknowledging the essential relationship between farmer and chef, Darryl Estrine and Kelly Kochendorfer have written one of the most compelling cookbooks of the year...

  • Epicurious

    THE BEST COOKBOOK OF 2010!  The beauty and essence of carefully, thoughtfully produced foods is highlighted throughout.

  • Library Journal Review

    Sustainable food is in,  and this book will encourage home cooks to follow the tenets of the movement.

  • Project Foodie

    The collaborative part of this book is not the all-star list of talented chefs showing their skills, but the relationships these chefs have with their suppliers: the farmers and artisan food makers whose product is a constant source of inspiration in the chef's kitchens. 

  • The Huffington Post

    Selected because Harvest to Heat was chosen as #1 in Amazon's Best Cookbooks of 2010 and Epicurious' Best Overall Cookbook

  • San Francisco Book Review

    Harvest to Heat is more than just another cookbook. Sure it has recipes from well-known chefs around the country, but it also has sidebars about the farmers and artisans who produce the ingredients going into the recipes.

  • Elle Decor

    Darryl Estrine and Kelly Kochendorfer focus on the best regional food from across the country, joining chefs with farmers and artisans to create recipes that celebrate locally grown or produced ingredients.

  • The FarmPlate Blog

    Delicious in every way, this travelogue/cookbook lets you, the reader, get to know some of America’s great food producers.

  • January Magazine

    It seems to perfectly balance, marry and blend thoughts from the locavore, Slow Food and green movements into one perfectly harmonious whole.